Flexpeople4u B.V. guarantees an appropriate person in the appropriate place. How do we do it?


We have described it in a 4-step plan:



1. Recruitment, selection and choice of companies 


We mostly deal on our own with recruitment concerning new companies, but it also happens that new companies themselves register via our website. Before beginning cooperation, we set up a meeting with a client during which we discuss their wishes and expectations. The client’s CAO (Collective Labour Agreement) and the profile of the candidate. If all aspects pertaining to cooperation are clear for both sides after signing the agreement, we enter into action.


2. Recruitment and selection of employees


After we acquaint ourselves with the company’s profile and client’s wishes concerning an employee, we begin the process of selecting a suitable candidate. Recruitment may be conducted with the help of our database, via on-line activities, in social media, or via our office, AFZ Group Sp. z o.o., in Gdańsk.


3. Job interview


Suitable candidates are invited to our office. This interview allows us to assess whether the candidate suits the company’s profile and whether s/he fulfils the client’s expectations. If the interview ends on a positive note, the candidate is sent to the employer.


4. Administration


We take care that the best candidates are delegated to our clients. We prepare valid contracts and also take care of all administrative issues, e.g. calculating remuneration, leave allowances, holiday allowances, income taxes, social security contributions and all matters related to illness or unfitness for work.